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It is a little while since this website has been updated. Sadly, this is owing to the extended illness and death of my father, Gordon Prior, on 24th August, 2018. 

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Few people who met my father ever forgot him. He was a larger than life character, an imaginitive and gifted businessman and, more importantly, a kind-hearted and generous man who never stopped giving. My earliest memories of my Dad are of sitting on his knee in the evenings as he read me book after book after book. 

Never under-estimate the importance of fathers in helping children become readers.


The Magic Bookshop, my latest collaboration with illustrator Cheryl Orsini, is now available for purchase. The book contains three stories about Ben, who finds more in his grandfather’s mysterious bookshop than he bargains for—including secret doors and tigers under the floorboards. Click here for more information about these stories.

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