Easiest Book Week Costume, Ever

A quick post which I hope will be of use to some of you. Coming up with last minute Children’s Book Week Costumes is always a potential trap for unwary parents (“But Mum, it’s tomorrow!”—“Why didn’t you tell me?”—“I am telling you!”). Chances are, there is already an incredibly easy Book Week costume for little girls in your wardrobe. Look at this picture:

Fairy Dancers Title Page

Mia, Emma and Grace, the three friends who feature in The Fairy Dancers and its soon to be published sequel, The Fairy Dancers: Dancing Days, attend their ballet lessons with Miss Ashleigh in standard pink leotards, skirts and ballet slippers. Sometimes, when performing, they wear fairy wings as in Cheryl Orsini’s illustration above, but most of the time, they don’t. Grab your daughter’s ballet wear out of the cupboard and turn her into a Fairy Dancer for Children’s Book Week.

A few simple ways you can personalise, or jazz up the basic costume:

* download and print out some Fairy Dancers pretend theatre tickets and hand them out to your friends

* download the Fairy Wand Activity, and make yourself a wand as an accessory

* add fairy wings, if you have them in your dress-up box

* carry a toy dachshund—Mia’s dachshund, Coco, features in many stories

* Grace’s bun is always falling down, so have a messy hair day

* take off one ballet slipper for the parade—Emma’s shoe falls apart in one story

Above all, have a fun time at Book Week!

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