Lucy’s Book T-Shirts and Mugs


Owing to the huge number of enquiries Cheryl and I have had about the “Reading Girl” and “Reading Boy” t-shirts that were for sale at the recent launch of Lucy’s Book, we have set up a storefront so that you can order the shirts and mugs directly from the printer. This will be faster and more convenient for you, and will also give you extra size, colour and style options.

If you have already ordered, or are in correspondence with me about a Reading Girl or Boy t-shirt via this website, your order is in the pipeline, so you don’t have to worry about the new arrangement. Any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via the contact form.

A quick post here, as I have had a number of enquiries about the t-shirts and mugs which were being sold at the Lucy’s Book Launch. The artwork is from Cheryl Orsini’s beautiful illustrations for the book. I have a few of the Reading Girl mugs left, as well as some t-shirts in a number of children’s sizes (ranging from XS-M). If there is enough interest, I can easily get more printed in larger sizes, (including adults).

The shirts cost $20 and the mugs $25, plus postage if required. If you are interested in buying anything, please shoot me an email through the contact form and I can work something out (I can accept payment via PayPal).

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