Craft (Grown-Ups)

I have always been keen about sewing, knitting and other hand-crafts, skills I am grateful that my grandmother, Hilda, took the time to teach me.  Over the past couple of years, I have particularly enjoyed working with a number of fabrics based on Cheryl Orsini’s beautiful illustrations. 

Here are patterns for some of the craft items I have designed or made (including several based on my books). Some of the patterns are free and can be downloaded directly from this site. Others link directly to Sprout or Spoonflower as noted. Please note that the free patterns are being offered on the condition that they are not sold or used to make items for sale. Do not redistribute them without the copyright information or in anything other than the original format.

Order fabric from the Natalie and Cheryl Spoonflower Shop

Order garments and other items with the pattern pieces custom preprinted onto the fabric from Sprout Patterns.

For children’s craft activities and party favours, please visit the Makerspace tab.

More craft items based on my books can be seen on myMrs Mancini and Fairy Dancers Pinterest boards.

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