Makerspace (Kids)

Kids love making things. I know I did, and I still have some of the more precious bits and pieces I made when I was small (including, unsurprisingly, huge numbers of miniature books).

Children’s creativity should be supported and celebrated as much as possible. On this page, you will find all sorts of downloadable activities connected with my books, including paper toys, colouring sheets, puzzles, scraps and party favours, which can be used at home, in schools or libraries, and even by adults.

These activity sheets are FREE, and Cheryl Orsini and I would be delighted for you to share them in the spirit in which they were created, in their original format, with copyright information intact. A link back to our websites ( and would be greatly appreciated.

Activities based on Lucy’s Book

Activities based on The Tales of Mrs Mancini

mancini-shop-toy-crop med hr

Activities based on The Fairy Dancers &The Fairy Dancers: Dancing Days

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