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To download a complete list of children’s books by Natalie Jane Prior, click here.

Information about Some Old Favourites 

The Paw Collection, a paperback edition of three classic picture books, The PawThe Paw in Destination Brazil, and The Paw and the Purple Diamond, illustrated by Terry Denton with new black and white renderings of his original work, can be purchased here.

I get lots of emails from people asking about the Lily Quench books. Unfortunately, they are out of print in Australia at the moment. To look for copies, I suggest you try secondhand book site AbeBooks

Some More Recent Titles

Toy Christmasminiature-christmas-cover-low-res

A Miniature Christmas, edited by Beattie Alvarez, is 2018’s anthology of Christmas stories from Christmas Press, and includes my story, "A Mouse Christmas”.

Also available is A Toy Christmas, edited by Sophie Masson, whichc includes a specially commissioned story by me, “The Dolls’ Nativity”. With an introduction by Sophie Masson, the book also features the work of Meredith Costain, Michael Grey, Fiona McDonald, Juliet Marillier, Anna Bell, Ian Irvine, Kathy Creamer, George Ivanoff, Goldie Alexander, David Allan, Rebecca Fung and Beattie Alvarez.

You can read more about A Toy Christmas in this blog post, and order a copy of the book here

The Minivers (Australian Editions from Penguin Australia)

Minivers on the Run (Book 1)  Penguin, 2008
Minivers Fight Back (Book 2) Penguin, 2009
Minivers and the Most Secret Room (Book 3) Penguin, 2010
Minivers Forever (Book 4) Penguin,  March 2011

Meet the Minivers: 

They’re rich.
They’re famous.
They’re glamorous.
Now they’re on the run…
And they’re only two feet tall.

Tiny Rosamund and Emily Miniver live a fairy-tale existence in a beautiful miniature mansion. Worshipped by adoring fans, they make chart-topping CDs, are the stars of their own TV show, and have their own line of cosmetics. But most of all, the Miniver sisters have each other. Then the sisters suddenly find themselves on the run in a hostile world where they can trust nobody, in which their sinister pursuers are always one step behind—and sometimes, one step ahead of them.

Pom Pom: Where are You, Penguin, 2012. (Illustrated by Cheryl Orsini). 

Pom Pom lives in a house in Paris with his owner Henriette, but he has always wanted to see more of the world. One day, his opportunity arrives. 

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